Please share with us how Pastor Prince’s ministry has blessed you. Your testimonies will be a beacon of encouragement to millions of people who are discovering the gospel of grace. Please use the comments to share your testimonies with us. Thank You!!



  1. I am studing and I used to feel that I am too busy and always had no time until when I started listening to Pasor Prince’s sermons. I was blessed to to know that I have all the time in the world, these words gave me a peace. I am no more stressed, the same workload is still there but my mind is at rest. I am sitting and resting in the midist of the storm. God bless you Pastor.

  2. Pastor Prince,I & friends thank you for your obedience to our Lord.We had gotten a lot of mixture of law & grace.We need more leaders teaching “the Truth in Love” as you are.I have heard you saying you like to have lost your mind when you were experiencing religious junk,We see how the enemy works to mix,we pray you stay obedient to always carry the wonderful good news & may we all.Thank you so very much!God bless you!!!!!!!

  3. I praise God for knowing Pastor Prince & grow spiritually in his sermons & teaching. I am spiritually Blessed everyday hearing him in television (Daystar) & in you tube. By God’s grace, I am planning to buy all his CDs & DVDs sermons & teachings… My hope is in Jesus-Provider Who will provide me with the resources in purchasing those messages so that I can share the message to our families & fellow Christians.
    The Grace of our Lord Jesus remains with you & in you as you share it radically… Be Blessed by His Mercy & Grace & to your wife, Wendy & daughter, Jessica.
    My hubby, me & our baby dream to be in Singapore one day if God permits & we hope to meet you Pastor Prince & family in person.
    To God be the Glory, in Jesus name…Amen! & Amen!

  4. Praise the lord! as i was listening to Pastor Prince this morning! I recieved what he was preaching the word, and i felt my spirit jump! and he is so anointed and preaching in love. He also had such a sense of humor which helps in many ways.
    and the lord will send him to the nations. Praise the lord! we serve a mighty god! Jesus Christ!!!

  5. Dear pastor prince,i’m a regula viewer of ur program.i’ve been so blessed.i now understand why we should respect & honour our man of GOD & also d grace of God in our life.i luv u & i bless 4 ur life & 4 given u so much wisdom 2 teach his word 2 d grass root.u ‘re a blessing 2 dis generation & d next 2 com.cyril 4rm Nigeria.

  6. Praise God for His mercy endureth forever.
    Truly I’m blessed by the preachings of Pastor Joseph Prince. Today while in class, I was listening to one of your sermons when a class mate asked what I was listening to. I told her it was Pastor Joseph Princes and now she’s gonna check it out. She’s a fellow believer in Christ but has never heard about Prince. Maybe by some of your sermons this will revive or awaken, maybe even strengthen her faith in God. Praise the Lord for internet as well. Though I may be bound (stuck in class to complete all my work) the word of God is not bound. Praise God and keep em coming Pastor.

  7. Pastor Prince,
    I have been forever changed by your grace message and share your tapes dvd’s and books with everyone . I have had to learn a whole new way of talking and ministering to people. I have to think before I say or pray and filter everthing through grace instead of law. It should be easier ,but I find it hard to undo the damage done over a lifetime of studying the word of God as a book instead of a person. The finished work is what my spirit already understood , but the church’s I have attended with their religeous heritages steeped in manipulation and control and sometimes even bullying God’s people had me under a spell. Thank you for breaking that witchcraft off my life and giving me the tools I needed to know my Abba Father without all the confusion . Thank you for your bold and life-changing ministry !!! Our Daddy is so pleased with you. 🙂

  8. Destined to Reign! Wow! What a powerful book. The front cover should have been the veil being ripped from top to bottom. Revelation in detail. As I read I couldn’t put the book down. The day after I finished reading I received a letter in the mail. An old debt that I owed had been reduced by more than 90% praise God. Was it because I read Destined to Reign? No, it was because I received the revelations contained therein. It’s one thing to read it’s another to believe and “change your mind”. If you haven’t read it yet, get it, read it, apply it!

  9. Dear Brother Prince.
    I have been watching your teachings on pay T.V & have been very blessed by what I have heard . I have been asking Abba Father for along time to to raise up a true son’s of Abba Father that teach truth in love . May our Blessed Abba Father continue to reveal more of His pure truth to you . There is so much false teachings being taught today. Yours in Christ Jesus Olavi & Esther . Shalom Shalom.

  10. je viens de suivre l une de vos prédications sur GOD TV ; comment expliquez vous les paroles du Seigneur “celui qui m aime garde mes commendements” ou encore “dépouillez vous” et revetez vous du Seigneur Jesus.Jesus nous a apporté la plainitude de la grace sans pour autant vivre hors des commendements. expliquez le passage des 2 tables de pierres aux lois eécrites dans nos coeurs?

  11. Hi I just want to say those of you who have not listened to Pastor Prince,You are missing out on heaven;s best. I have found that I am frustrated when I try to live by law and grace, you can;t. I believe that is why God set it up that way. He knew we couldn;t keep the law it really is impossible. If you think you can than you are deceived. Grace is Jesus truly by itself. Thanks for Pastor Prince. Janice Witzke.

  12. Praise The Lord
    I would like to say Pastor Prince is doing what God has requested him to do. He is Preaching and teaching to the people of God through Mercy and Grace. I can honestly say I learn something from each one of his sermon week after week.

    He is a man sent from God and he knows what the plans God has for him. Thank you Pastor Prince for answering your call and full filling it so that God’s children will know the truth and be set free from the bondages of this world.

    May God Bless You Man Of God and Keep you and your family. And to go further to the highways and byways reach ing more of God’s hurting people with the Good News Of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

    Thank you,

    Evangelist Chambers

  13. l like how you talk abut the lord God..He is so good are lord.He open my eyes in a bar.8 years ago .8 mouths after he give me 3 grandchilden ,and 8 mouth after l give my life to Jesus..l did not know how to read or speel.l looked around for help and some came to help ..one day help ,,And l cryed out to God you sant the holy spirit to help me ..help me ..lam reading and doing speeling..thanks to Jesus .in what he has done for me.L had a can l was not walking to good lam healed,bless the lord ..l still have a way to go ..l give it all to the lord God..leaning to you help me alot,,bless the lord ,and l thank you my brother..may the God of Abraham lsaac and Jocob,bless you in all you do ,bless his framily in all things for you lord,in Jesus name..amen

  14. where to start , because of the teachings from joseph prince ministries i am no longer condemed by the enemy or my brothers and sisters in the lord. i lived my christian life under the heavy hand of the law,and works till my son heard your teachings and started to question his own understanding of God,s word as it was taught to him,he gently with grace showed me the wrong teachings we had being subject too for 18 long years, we were asked to leave the church and we have experienced a lot of pain and rejection, but as paul said i count it all dung ,compared with the suppassing knowledge of Jesus Christ that i now know. I have you to thank joseph prince and my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.Because you dident give in and because you paid the price i and my son are free, also i have some friends who are also free. Thank you your books and reachings are freedom to me love in Jesus name your friend sue

  15. Pastor Prince,I feel in love with Jesus 4 years ago,his unconditioal love for me set me free from drugs&alcohol.I have fellowshiped in 2 churches in that 4 years and i have honestly felt confused,became religous without knowing it&sad,even sader than when i were in the world.The very 1st time i heard you share about the Love&Grace of Our Lord Jesus had me jumping out of my chair,crying tears of” I know this Jesus he is telling me about”.I wanted to text everyone in my life,past present&future,just how much i loved them.I just really get it now..i cant wait to hear your truth every morning&have devoured your Destined To Reign book as tho it was a bolck of cadburys caramello choclate lol.Thankyou so much,i thank our Lord for you&ive grown in leaps&bounds&am spreading the ”GRACE” news.Allana Coleman.

  16. Pastor Prince found me on Sept. 1-2009. I refused to ever attend a church again at the age of twelve,in a church I had suffered abuse,hunger and my baby sisters beating for telling a lie. She was 5 years old. I am now 58 years old and watched as a joke, Pastor Prince on my local channel. The truth was spoken to me that day and now I attend the New Creation Church daily,follow the teachings and have recieved the holy spirit awakening. I have been lead home to Jesus by a message straight from Pastor Prince….I am starved for the Manna and his word Pastor Prince is teaching….

  17. we have been searching for other types of preachings that have a totall different meaning than what we have been a customed of hearing. me adam, was raised apostolic hard nose,hard core law doctrine old testament teachings. and when i married my incredible wife we were assebly of god members . but as for me i was always in bondage never understanding who jesus really was
    till now i wanna thank GOD first for his grace that gave me a chance to live again, in freedom and have learned to be righteuos under his abundant love. though still learning,
    but i wanna thank the ministries of joseph that gave me hope for tomorrow and daily grace.

    thank you, adam from TEXAS

  18. hello Joseph prince your Book has blessed me so much . os Reading your Book Cant Putit down could you please send me some of your preaching DVDsI will pray for those people who are being mean To you about our Lord.my tather in heauen has us all in his hanals my daddy died aug22, zooz but God is now my father. my whole famley are missionrey’s tlcy go every where to preach God word but God has to send them. pray my famliey. I have good friend to and work ok p.s Susan koLb with Love in God bless you

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